How to Study Accounting and Finance

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Accounting and finance studies business, money, and management, focusing on professional careers. You should also know that the words “finance” and “accounting” are not exact synonyms. Accounting mostly focuses on the analysis of information from various business areas. Finance only considers monetary funds. Learn more about these areas with

Why You Should Study Accounting and Finance

This degree will certainly be a good choice for those who love mathematics and want to use these skills in business. In addition, this degree involves learning about many areas associated with business, including economics, business law, and management.

Those who choose Accounting & Finance will also appreciate the opportunities for joint honours. This degree often allows students to study abroad and to get a lot of unique valuable experience. If you want to study while also exploring the world, Accounting & Finance is certainly the right choice.

What Are the Requirements?

Different institutions have different requirements. Therefore, make sure to clarify any details with the administration of your institution.

Assessment and Exams

  • Seminars are often used for ongoing assessment.
  • Structured courses for the basic knowledge with flexible modes that are optional that enable more specialization.
  • An examination is the most common type of assessment. However, verbal presentations and coursework are also common.
  • Always check the chosen course and the institution.

What Degree You Can Get

Here are some examples of degrees that are available in this field:

  • BA Hons Finance;
  • BA Hons Accounting;
  • BA Hons Accounting & Finance.

As we’ve already mentioned above, this subject also is the right choice for joint honours. Most often, Accounting & Finance is combined with International Business, Economics, and Mathematics.

Postgraduate Options

Postgraduates can appreciate lots of opportunity in further education and jobs. Many institutions offer Pre-Masters Accounting, MA Accounting & Finance, PgDip in Accounting and Business Management, MSc Accounting & Finance, etc.

Job Opportunities

Accounting & Finance graduates can find jobs in big international service companies, including KPMG, Deloitte, and PwC. These companies give jobs to thousands of professional accountants, as well as to the professionals from fields such as investment banking and auditing. However, keep in mind that these companies also have very strict entry policies. You can also consider high street banks and insurance companies.

Here are some jobs that are directly related to finance and accounting:

  • Investment Banker;
  • Accounting Technician;
  • Forensic Accountant;
  • Tax Advisor;
  • Chartered Accountant;
  • Stockbroker.

This degree will also be useful if you’re going to work as an economist, actuary, retail banker, or data analyst.

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