A Guide to the Anthropology Subject

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Anthropology studies the way people live in this world. There are two major types of anthropology:

Social Anthropology

  • Considers the way people live in the modern world. Social anthropologists often spend many years in a certain setting. For example, they may study the office life in a big company or a remote village, noting what people do, what are their relationships, and goals. Anthropologists aim to understand a certain culture, taking into account its history, context, social, and economic factors that affect it.
  • Social anthropology also relies heavily on social and political theory, as well as government development policy. Social anthropologists consider the way people behave in different parts of the world, studying different traditions and ways of life.

Biological Anthropology

  • This type of anthropology focuses on the evolution of human culture and society. It considers things that make us different from other species and studies archaeological evidence to illustrate the changes in human life throughout history.
  • Biological anthropologists also focus on genetic and physiological variations among different modern human populations, considering the way they adapt to different circumstances.

Both these areas of anthropology are influenced by cultural and social behavior. Therefore, some departments have special courses in biology, cognitive anthropology, culture, etc. There are also Forensic Anthropology courses. They are based on Archaeology and Forensic Science, focusing on human remains.

You can get a BA or BSc degree in Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, or Social Anthropology. There are also numerous joint honors courses, which combine vocational subjects, such as law, with other social sciences. Quite often, Human Sciences degrees are also somewhat related to anthropology.

If you’re guessing what qualifications you need, here’s the good news: this area welcomes completely different combinations of subjects, except General Studies.

Different institutions have different entry requirements, with standard offers looking like this:

  • A Level: ABB–AAA
  • Scottish Highers: AAABB–AAAAA
  • Scottish Advanced Highers: AAB

The assessment is usually based on essays and written exams. However, courses in biological anthropology also may involve assessed practicals. Quite often, there is also an independent research project required during the final year.

As for the postgraduate opportunities, a good undergraduate degree allows you to move straight to a Ph.D. The most popular Master’s options are Public Health Studies, Public Policy, and International Development.

Why You Should Study Anthropology

Anthropology will be a good choice if you like people, the way they work, and their history. Here are some reasons to choose anthropology:

  • This area constantly evolves. It was shaped by the past and focuses on the issues of the future. The way we live changes every day so anthropologists will never run out of new discoveries.
  • You get a unique opportunity to understand what exactly makes us different from other species and what determines the way we behave.
  • You get an opportunity to study abroad. You can learn about new cultures, studying people from all over the world. Anthropology offers many unique experiences.
  • Another advantage of anthropology is a variety of job opportunities. You may work in charity, public relations, or choose from among many other options.
  • Postgraduate options are also nice. If you love studying, there are many courses available.
  • Finally, the main advantage is that you can obtain numerous transferable skills. Anthropology will prepare you for a cultural understanding of the society and the world we’re living in, providing you with skills that can be used in various kinds of environment. These skills include coherent writing, problem-solving, reasoning, communication, presentation, etc.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are worth considering them in more detail. You can find a job in multinational companies, such as Microsoft or Google, as well as in government agencies. Here are just a few jobs related to an Anthropology degree:

  • Social worker;
  • Archaeologist;
  • Humanitarian aid worker;
  • Charity worker;
  • Conservation officer;
  • Public health;
  • Museum worker;
  • University lecturer.

Anthropology Student’s Success Story

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Andrea has always been interested in geography and history. Her sister introduced her to anthropology and she quickly realized that it would be a perfect career choice for her. Inspired by her sister, Andrea has chosen the Anthropology department. The more she learned, the more intrigued she became. This subject included elements of both geography and history, while also considering interesting relevant issues.

For instance, Andrea explained that Anthropology enabled her to understand the causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict, studying the impact of structural factors on the level of violence. She highly appreciated the bottom-up approach which tries to understand people’s issues and concerns by studying their culture first.

Andrea and other students often express excitement about being able to learn from people who have been to interesting places and now share their unique first-hand experience. In addition, students have academic advisors who work with the students’ essays and improve their confidence by discussing any important arguments and ideas.

Andrea is going to find a good use for her degree, working for an organization similar to the UN or an NGO. She also thinks about writing educational articles.

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