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It does not matter what you are writing, there just cannot be any mistake. The number of mistakes in the text shows the level of your literacy (or maybe illiteracy). If you a student, you would like to have a perfect essay so your teacher can give you a good grade.

But we are all people and can make mistakes. Even in grammar. You may be a nerd and know every little aspect of the English grammar, but you may overlook a tiny mistake because of the paper overload or something.

Here it comes, the grammar check that may help you out.

Prove Your Grammar: Check And Edit

We offer a bunch of tools for checking and editing a text. Any text. The tools are most popular with students because they always have something to finish writing by the end of the week and need to check it quickly. But other people use it too.

Freelance writers are also overload with all that writing job and need a little help. Besides, when you have to complete a few texts within a short time frame, you do not care about mistakes at all until you finish.

Of course, you can take a break, a day or two, and then read what you have got. But if you are running out of time—or just lazy—you are free to use our tools. Besides, you may make the same mistake all the time without knowing it is one.

Grammar Check: Best Student’s Choice

When it comes to studies, students are overloaded with paperwork most of the time. It is practically impossible to write all papers and not make any mistake, or at least to proofread them all. It takes too much time. And you can save some with our grammar check.

It will show every mistake that your essay, report, or research paper has. What is more, it provides explanations why there is a mistake and how you should correct it. Again, it saves you a lot of time because you won’t have to look it all up yourself.

Students love such stuff. In the end, they get what they want, a good text. And it is totally free, which is another advantage for them.

Mind Punctuation

Another issue is wrong punctuation or the total absence of it. The English punctuation is very tricky and thus complicated. There are many rules it seems a normal person cannot remember. We miss commas sometimes too, but now we can check for punctuation with the tool.

Wrong or missed comma is a typical punctuation mistake, but there are many other mistakes that people make because they might not think they do it wrong. Our tools will instantly show what should be where.

Mind Spelling

Punctuation is not the biggest problem. The English language seems to have too many loan words that it is difficult to remember how to spell them. We bet you misspelled words and submitted papers to your teachers.

If you do not want it to happen again, try our spelling check as well. It won’t take long. It scans texts fast you won’t even blink an eye. Besides, you do want to have a good paper, right? So why not make sure everything is fine?

How It Works

It must be the most interesting part. How does it work? Easily. We have already mentioned a little about it above.

So, if you want to check your text, you should copy and paste it to the box and click the button. The tool scans it within a couple of seconds and shows the results. That is whether there is any mistakes and if any, offers options for correction.

Bring your college papers to us, let’s make them better together.

Thanks to Daniel Naber for providing this useful tool.


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