Studying Archaeology: a Quick Guide

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Archaeology studies human history and prehistory. It relies on excavation and the analysis of findings. Unlike History and Ancient History, archaeology is a more physical and tangible discipline because the former disciplines are mostly concerned about literary sources, not remains.

Why You Should Study Archaeology

First, archaeology offers a unique experience from personal interaction with history. While history focuses on scholarly work, archaeology works with real things from the past. Archaeology also helps us better understand the history of humans as a species. We can learn how our ancestors lived and what the world around them looked like.

Coursework, Exams, and Assessment

Most institutions use essay-based exams, and coursework is also quite popular. There are also institutions that conduct an assessment based on fieldwork portfolios. In the final two years, students have to prepare a dissertation. You may also spend a few days during summer gaining experience on an archaeological dig.

Degrees and Qualifications

You can get a BSc Bioarchaeology, BA Archaeology, and BS Archaeology. In addition, there are many joint honors opportunities if you study Archaeology.

As for the required qualifications, the standards differ drastically in each particular university.

Postgraduate Opportunities and Job Opportunities

You can choose from among different postgraduate options, including Ph.D. Archaeology, MA Archaeology, MPhil Archaeology, and MSc Archaeology.

Archaeology also gives you a number of job opportunities because studying this discipline provides you with various useful skills, including leadership, communication, attention to detail and the ability to analyze nuances that are not obvious.

Archaeology Postgraduates can work as teachers, archaeologists, government officers, and lecturers. They may also work in development.

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