A Quick Guide to Studying Physiology & Anatomy

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Anatomy and physiology focus on the body structure of organisms. The main difference between these two subjects is that Anatomy studies the structure of a body, while Physiology focuses on the way different internal systems work. This quick guide from Masterra.com will help you learn more about these areas of study and the opportunities they offer.

Why You Should Study Physiology and Anatomy

First, these subjects enable students to understand the complex nature of people’s bodies. Students who are interested in bodily functions and medicine can study their favorite topics with no need to take a Medicine course.

Assessment, Coursework, and Exams

  • Oral presentations and poster presentations are common, as well as spot-test examinations.
  • Dissections are one of the common types of assessment.
  • Some institutions use dissertations for assessment.
  • Many institutions also carefully monitor overall performance throughout the year.

Degrees and Qualifications

You can get such degrees as BSc Human Physiology, BSc Pathology, BSc Human Physiology, and BSc Neuroscience. In addition, there are numerous joint honors degree programs.

Entry qualifications required differ depending on a particular institution. As for the postgraduate opportunities, you may choose such options as PgCert Physiology, MSc Anatomical Sciences, and Ph.D. Anatomical Sciences.

British universities often offer a Medicine Conversion Course which gives talented graduates from similar courses to enroll in a Medicine course. In this case, the A level of Biology is crucial.

Job Opportunities

The most common jobs directly related to a degree in Physiology or Anatomy are:

  • Physician;
  • Nurse;
  • Dietitian;
  • Pharmacist.

You can also become a Doctor or Dentist if you’re a postgraduate who chooses to transfer to Dentistry or Medicine.

If you need any help with studying Anatomy or Physiology, don’t hesitate to order professional academic help on Masterra.com. We are always ready to help students achieve their goals.

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