Art & Design: a Guide to Studying

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Art is, probably, the most difficult thing to define. Almost everything related to human creativity can be described as art. Most often, this term is used when talking about sculpture, painting, and other visual arts. Design is the planning process where ideas turn into a project that later becomes something tangible.

Why You Should Study Art & Design

Even though getting a job from an art course may be a challenging task, talented people who manage to stand out won’t have any problems with building a career. We recommend that you don’t choose this course if your goal is to get a well-paid job, but you will certainly like it if you love art and want to follow your dreams.

Art and design courses allow you to obtain a number of transferable skills, such as teamwork, flexibility, IT literacy, etc. The main thing is to compose a good CV. You can study many different subjects, including Fashion Design, History of Arts, Media Studies, Sculpture, Fine Art, Exhibitions, Musical and Theatre Art, Graphic Design, etc.

Exams, Coursework, and Assessment

Most often, Art and Design is assessed based on coursework. There are also classes that require students to provide presentations and to take exams.

Degrees and Qualifications

You can get such degrees as BSc Creative Technology, BA Art and Design, BA Fashion, and BA History, Communication and Curation.

Most often, students are selected based on their GCSE scores. You may also need to provide an art and design foundation diploma. We recommend that you clarify the requirements of a particular institution before applying to it.

Postgraduate Opportunities and Jobs

There are many research degrees and MAs taught at the postgraduate level. For example, there are such MAs as Graphic Branding and Media Design, Arts Journalism, Advertising, Design Management, Animation, Photography and Photojournalism, Games Design, Illustration, and Documentary.

When looking for a job, keep in mind that Art and Design is a very competitive industry and it’s well-known for low graduate employment. However, talented graduates can work as a fashion designer, illustrator, community worker, advertising exec, museum curator, textile manufacturer, graphic designer, or multimedia worker. There are also organizations that offer specialized positions for Art and Design.

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