Chemical Engineering: a Guide to Studying

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Chemical engineering focuses on chemistry and physics. It also relies on mathematics, biology, and economics. Today, chemical engineers mostly work on converting raw materials into something useful and discover new technologies, such as bioengineering and nanotechnology.

Why You Should Study Chemical Engineering

Not only can you learn a lot about engineering, chemistry, IT, and materials science, but also about management and economics. Chemical engineers never have problems finding a job. Chemical engineering also offers great salaries. There are many career possibilities to choose from. You can work as a researcher or field engineer, as well as a manager.

Even those people who choose jobs that are not directly related to chemical engineering usually find great job options due to their developed analytical and problem-solving skills.

Generally speaking, chemical engineers change the world. They often work on such problems as poverty, starvation, and diseases.

Assessment, Exams, and Coursework

Most often, universities assess students based on reports and module essays. There are also research projects and different presentations. Most courses also involve written examinations at the end of every semester.

Degrees and Qualifications

You can get such degrees as BEng Chemical and Energy Engineering, BEng Chemical Engineering, BEng Chemical Engineering with Business Management, and MEng Chemical Engineering.

Each particular course or university has certain entry requirements, which often change.

Postgraduate Opportunities and Jobs

You can choose from among many research degrees and MAs, such as MSc Chemical Engineering, Theoretical Chemistry, Polymer Engineering and Petroleum Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, and Industrial Automation.

Graduates can work as energy engineers, product development scientists, chemical engineers, or petroleum engineers. There are also organizations that offer specialized positions, such as BP.

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