A Quick Guide to Studying American Studies

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The USA is one of the most influential countries in the world. When some trends appear in America, they quickly conquer the whole world. People from all over the world listen to American music and watch Hollywood movies. American Studies as a discipline is aimed to examine this world force in detail, considering it from different perspectives. This subject is interdisciplinary. Americanists study history, culture, literature, politics, etc. American Studies doesn’t focus on the United States only but studies South America, Transatlantic, the Carribean, Transpacific, etc., as well.

General and Specific Skills

American Studies constantly explores the Americas and their cultures. Americanists develop advanced rhetorical and analytical skills that are necessary for anyone who studies humanities. Americanists also learn to synthesize different perspectives and to combine different methodologies and approaches in their work. Therefore, these experts often connect areas that are traditionally separated by professionals from other areas. American Studies degrees often involve studying in American universities, which allows students to gain valuable experience and to demonstrate their maturity, as well as the ability to live in the American culture.

American Studies includes such areas of study as:

  • American political culture.
  • American history.
  • American music.
  • African-American history.
  • American literature.
  • Photography and Visual Culture in the USA.
  • American slavery.
  • American Material Culture.

Why You Should Study American Studies

First of all, many students characterize this subject as exciting and challenging, at the same time. It is a sort of an ultimate degree in liberal arts. Many students who would otherwise try to balance history degrees, literature, etc., are not restricted in their choice. They can study American art, music, politics, history, etc. This degree allows you to grow professionally and intellectually.

Students also appreciate a diversity of subjects which cover, thematically and chronologically, the period before European colonization, as well as the modern realities. You can learn a lot about ethnicities, sexuality and gender, civil rights, etc. American Studies is a great choice if you want to develop useful interdisciplinary skills. No matter whether you like The Great Gatsby, Kanye West, or stories about the Great Depression, American Studies will certainly satisfy your interest.

Degrees and Qualifications

You can obtain a BA (Hons) in American Studies. There are also joint courses that include American and Canadian Studies and English Literature, Film and American Studies, History and American Studies.

As for the qualifications, most universities require at least the B level in English Language and English Literature. You can learn more about American Studies from qualified experts at Masterra.com.

Postgraduates may work part- or full-time in programs in American History, Literature, Culture, etc.

Job Opportunities

The most common career choices include marketing, journalism, advertising, publishing, culture, media, etc. There are also many students who choose careers in law and teaching.

If you need any help with studying American Studies, don’t hesitate to contact Masterra.com. We have many experts who will provide you with professional academic assistance and help you achieve your goals.

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