500 word essay

Are you required to write a 500-word essay? We know that it could not be a problem for you if you follow all our tips on how to write an essay, which contains only 500 words. What you should know for sure is that nobody can create a perfect essay without numerous attempts to make it perfect :) So let us give you a hand with writing to make it a piece of art! Just kidding.

What it should include?

Truly speaking, a 500-word essay is recognized as a typical essay and consists of three main parts. They are an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the above-mentioned parts, you are to describe some objects, phenomena, events, and personalities. It is obvious that the most useful way to make descriptions is to compare things or present proper associations with the object under description.

What it should look like?

Although the paper has only 500 words, it should be written in the certain format. Your essay should be approximately a page and a half. However, you may use a website on word count in order to be sure that your essay includes 500 words properly.

How to write a 500-word essay?

Firstly, you have to write an introduction. An introduction has to include a thesis statement on the topic you have chosen. It is obligatory to spend some time in order to choose a proper topic. In case your topic was given to you, you should think about how to make it attractive. Basically, you are about to make your broad topic narrower and then find relevant thesis statement. Please remember that your introduction should be interesting and appealing, which shows your reader that the body of your 500-word essay makes sense.

According to the main body of the 500-word essay, it has to contain a lot of opinions, citations, facts and other relevant data to make the most developed part of the essay. The main body has to be based on information and evidence that show that you agree or disagree with the thesis statement.

The final part of the 500-word essay is a conclusion. There are many pieces of advice on how to write the perfect conclusion; however, you should only know that it has to include a paraphrased thesis statement and a list of arguments provided in the main body of the essay. That is all, actually.

How to check an essay?

When you finish writing your essay, you should leave it for a while. After a little break, you may read your 500-word essay one more time and check all your grammar, spelling, and syntax. In addition, you can ask your friends to read it and give their opinions. Are they satisfied? And what about your point of view? Well, everything is brilliant!

To make your life easier, we are here not only to check your 500-word essay but also to make all edits needed. You have an opportunity to choose the best writer and describe all points you want to see in your essay. So please open the tab “All writers” and let one of the writers start your essay now!

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