How to write an essay about a movie?

Many students are fond of watching interesting movies. So, when they are obliged to write an essay about a movie, they think that they can do it within 2 hours without any obstacles. It's not true, actually. Writing an essay about a movie has some specificities, which may be unfamiliar to you. Let us provide them to you.

Interpret a key message of the film before you start writing

The very first step to start your essay about a movie is to understand the main message of the film you have chosen. In case you want to analyze the movie about nothing but fun, it is a direct way to fail from the beginning. Our advice is to choose something connected with drama or adventure just because these films always have clear messages to the audience.

See the movie one more time

Even if you have seen the movie 478 times before, you should do it for the 479th time. Before you start watching the film, you'd better take pencil and paper to note all the important points or dialogues between main characters. Why? It helps to collect relevant arguments you will add to your analytical essay about a movie.

Go google what other people think about the movie

Did you know that other people have written a set of articles, speeches or analyses about the movie in case it is a famous product of the cinematography? Yes, it's true. You should do a research and collect opinions, which suit to your point of view (or opposite to your point of view). It is a lifehack how to spend less time writing an essay: rely on different opinions while you are writing the body of the essay

Don't forget to create a movie analysis essay outline

What does it mean? An essay about a movie has its own structure (an outline), which includes an introduction, a summary, an analysis and a conclusion. Let us explain to you what you should mention in each section.

The introduction contains the basics of the chosen movie, such as director, date of release, and title. Remember also to include theme and ideas of the movie, your thesis statement describing the focus of your essay.

The next part of your essay is the summary. What should you include here? Any information answering the main questions: what, who, where, how, why and when. Moreover, you'd better add what you want to discuss that relates to the point of the structure, style, and view.

The analysis should be the biggest part of the essay, which is the body of your essay. In your critical analysis, you have to provide arguments why you did or did not like the movie, including key points from the movie to support your opinion. In addition, it is obligatory to mention whether the scriptwriter and the director of the movie achieved the main goal they wanted to achieve.

The last part of your essay is a conclusion, where you may paraphrase your thesis and create a summary of the given arguments in a new manner. Your last sentence should include a call-to-action to the reader where you may advise to watch or not to watch the movie.

Using our advice may help you avoid any difficulties with writing an essay about a movie. Good luck!

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