• Samclix
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  • Clients: 25
  • 2008 - 2012
    Computer Science
About me
I am an academician driven by results and the achievement of desired goals. I put in maximum effort for the best possible outcomes. I take my time with my assignments to ensure they meet the requirements of my employers and clients. I follow instructions to the letter and do my best to fulfill my responsibilities. If given a chance, I intend to apply these features in working for Masterra.
Writing service description
I am an experienced writer/researcher with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer science. Hence, I can handle papers in Computer Science, Programming, Computer Engineering, game design, cybersecurity, geospatial intelligence, database development, software engineering. and Mathematics. I am also proficient in business, physics, finance, economics, history, education, critical thinking, humanities, social sciences, and arts.
Clients reviews
  • Client #82945 20 Jun 2022
  • Client #5397 17 Jun 2022
  • Client #88748 03 Jun 2022
  • Client #88748 03 Jun 2022
  • Client #88067 08 May 2022
  • Client #2987 30 Apr 2022
  • Client #88101 30 Apr 2022
    Great work!
  • Client #88067 14 Apr 2022
    excellent work, thank you
  • Client #88067 27 Mar 2022
  • Client #88424 24 Mar 2022
    Delivered an amazing lab report in a timely manner! Upon ordering he only had 2 days before the day my paper was due! It was very well written, explained, met all the requirements, correct format, and even helped myself understand the topic a little more than I did prior. If I could leave 10 star review I would! Astounding work!!!! Will definitely be adding him to my favorites!
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