How to write a business essay

Writing a business essay requires you to know some special rules on related keywords, the structure, features, and management. To start writing a business essay, you should explore your essay question, then conduct a research, and, after all, make a plan of the essay. What are the main elements of the business essay? Let us go deeper.

Start your business essay with the introduction

This is the first and main point of your essay. Here you may summarize all you have learned about the essay question. Remember that it's the beginning of the essay which leads to the main body, so it should be clear and precise. In case you want to indicate some business terms, you'd better also to determine them to the reader.

Background & Findings

Concerning the background, it usually contains some theoretical information received by your lecturer or description of the particular case you have chosen.

Findings are the third part of your business essay and can be recognized as the core, so it should be the longest part of the essay. Describing the findings to the reader, you might perform your analysis of the sources you have found. You should present all the author's views on the topic and criticize them or agree with them, explaining the reason why. Our advice is to highlight the best author's similar opinion, giving your own opinion. In addition, it's important to make references accordingly to your university guidelines. (use one of the formatting styles: APA, MLA, Harvard etc.) There is also one unofficial rule of using 10 references per every 1000 words.


This part of your essay should combine three above-mentioned parts, representing a solution found on your Business topic. It's obvious that all the parts should be connected smoothly, answering the essay question directly.

List of references/bibliography & Appendices

Finishing the essay with the list of references (Harvard style), you should remember that all the references need to be structured in alphabetical order. However, if your essay was written in APA or MLA styles, you should just include a bibliography of the footnotes you've made on every page of the essay.

All the supportive data consisting of charts, graphs and written large text, you should add exclusively to the main body of the essay.

Proofreading and editing of the business essay

We know that this part of writing an essay is known by everyone, but it should be mentioned and marked as obligatory. You may find free services of checking grammar and spelling mistakes. However, our advice is to use an expert help to check your business essay.
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