How to write a perfect admission essay for college

Telling the truth, many admission essays for college are not unique. Describing only your grades, hobbies and how you are motivated to study is just not enough. Here you may find some tips which will surely help you to write the best essay ever!

Do not use any college-essay clichés

What does it mean? In case you are a person who is obsessed with dictionary definitions, over-using passive tenses, quotations, we have bad news for you. Admissions officers are just tired of reading the same references from famous writers, they want to hear you and your expressions! Be more natural in your tone of voice.

It's important to be interested, not interesting

The most common mistake is writing a lot of information which seem to be interesting about you. It's not a secret that you should list not only interesting facts about you, but also some things you are interested in, describing people, places, and ideas. For example, if you have experienced to work in a café, you'd better write that you were interested in people and their habits. No doubts, this experience might give you some awesome insights about different personalities, so don't forget to mention it.

You can describe not only your superpowers to the reader

Don't be afraid to show your weaknesses to the admission officers, it may attract their attention for sure. Most people tend to write that they are perfect at work, studying, volunteering etc. What if you try to say that you are not perfect, but are learning from mistakes? Our advice is to give an example of how you have transformed your bad experience into your personal benefit.

Try something different

Your goal is to make your college essay memorable for admission officers, grabbing their attention. Actually, you can do anything you want with your essay. You may write poems, add hashtags, rebuses, graphics etc. Remember that it's just a try, not a failure.

Proofreading is a must

Yep, it's not a secret. However, statistics show that 87% of applicants read their essay only once! Did you know that most grammar mistakes are not visible at the first time? Please, do proofreading twice or three times and give your essay to your close relatives and friends to check it. It will be a pity if admission officers discard your essay only just because there was some spelling errors or something.

Writing a perfect essay for college isn't easy. However, now you have an opportunity to make it attractive and interesting, lucky applicant ;)

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