General Questions

  • What is Masterra? is the writers' marketplace, which connects writers with the clients in need of quality paper writing services.

  • What benefits does Masterra provide?

    We guarantee you a convenient working schedule and regular payments. You are the one to choose what topics to write on, when, and how often.

  • Is your service legal?

    Yes, the service is absolutely legal and doesn't violate any regulations.

  • What is my employment status if I work with you?

    The position we offer is freelance; therefore, you will be responsible for declaring your own income.

    As all work is carried out at your discretion, you are not classed as an employee. We act as your agent in helping to secure work and facilitating delivery to your customers but we do not arrange your tax and national insurance affairs for you.

  • Who owns the work I produce?

    Upon complete payment and the client's acceptance of the work, any intellectual property rights in the work will become our sole and exclusive property.

Registration and Application

  • How do I apply?

    To become part of our team, you need to register. Just fill in the registration form here, provide additional required information (working experience, education), upload the copy of your diploma, and pass English and formatting tests. After that your application will be reviewed by our Writer“s manager. You'll be notified about your application process results.

  • What are the requirements to become a writer at Masterra?

    You are required to have diploma of US, Australian, Great Britain or Canadian univerity and have excellent English knowledge. Yes, that's all.

  • I'm still in the process of getting my degree. Can I apply?

    You can apply if you are in the senior year of college or university. In this case you“ll be asked to provide the transcript from your college/university.

  • Why should I provide you with a copy of my diploma/transcript?

    We ask you to provide a copy of your diploma/transcript to make sure you have sufficient knowledge in the chosen subjects.

  • What if I don't want to provide my phone number?

    Without this sort of information you will not be able to complete the registration process. Please, note, that your phone number will be visible to our support team only.

  • What are the tests for?

    You are asked to take the tests so that we are sure you have enough proficiency to work with us.

  • I haven't received links to the tests. What should I do?

    Please, contact us at and we'll help you sort this out.

  • I had issues passing the test. Can I receive another link to take the test again?

    Please, contact us at, describing your problem. We'll try to help you.

  • Will any sort of my personal information be visible to the clients?

    No, your personal information will not be visible to anyone except of our support team.

  • What subjects may I add to my profile?

    You may add any subjects you think you are proficient in. Sometimes, we may ask you to provide some proof of your proficiency.

  • Will you get me work outside my academic area of expertise?

    Due to the guarantees that we offer to customers as part of every order you complete, we will generally not give you work outside of your area of expertise. The guarantee provided to the client is that you (the writer) hold qualifications in the subject area up to the level of their order.

  • Why was my application declined?

    We reserve the right not to explain the reasons of decline. However, the most common reasons are:

    - insufficient English level;

    - no required educational background;

    - false or misleading information.

  • I cannot log into my account. What should I do?

    Please, make sure that the information you enter is correct. If you still cannot login, try to reset your password or contact us at

  • I don't remember my password. How do I reset it?

    To reset the password, please, click on the «Forgot your password?» link in the Log-in form. If you didn't get e-mail to proceed with password reset, please, contact us at

Working Process

  • What does it mean to bid on an order? What is the bidding process?

    Bid means a price you are willing to receive for completion of a specific order. When you place a bid on order, it means, that you read carefully the requirements and are ready to complete the order at this price. Many writers may bid on the same order and a client chooses which writer he/she would like to complete the order.

  • What prices should I set when bidding?

    You are the one to choose how much you are willing to get paid for specific order, so there is no standard solution. Usually, the bid greatly depends on the type of writing, subject, and deadline.

    If you cannot decide, which price is appropriate for a particular order due to lack of information, you can contact a client and ask for details. Set initial price and discuss it with a client directly.

  • I see no or few active orders. What orders are visible to me?

    You see the orders depending on the subjects and citation types you are proficient in. If you see no active orders, it may mean that at the moment there are no orders on your subjects.

  • How do I receive details of orders that are available?

    Usually, all the required information, like subject, topic, number of pages and other additional information, is visible on the order's profile. If you need any other information or clarifications, you may ask a client to provide them.

  • The client changed the requirements of the work after I confirmed it. What should be done in this situation, if new requirements require higher price?

    In this case, please, contact our support team as soon as possible.

    The best solution will be to explain the issue to the client, asking him/her to add the required sum to his/her account, after which it will be transferred to your account.

    If the client doesn't wish to pay extra, and the work isn't done yet, the order will be cancelled.

    If the work is done according to the initial requirements, but the client requires some changes, the case will be examined by our Dispute Manager.

    Please, note, that you may be fined in case you didn't pay enough attention to the requirements and ask the client for additional payment because of this.

  • What if customer doesn't like my work?

    If a client isn't satisfied with your work in any way, he/she may file a dispute. Any dispute will be thoroughly examined by our Dispute Manager; and depending on the dispute result you may be asked to adjust the paper.

  • The order I worked over is disputed. Will I get paid for it?

    Every dispute is thoroughly examined by our Dispute Manager and depending on the reasons of dispute, there are four possible scenarios:

    - you may be asked to adjust the paper according to client's requirements; if a client accepts new version, you are paid in full;

    - if the adjusted paper is not what the client expected to receive, you may be given partial refund (it depends on the initial requirements and how you stick to them);

    - you've completed all the requirements, and a client doesn't provide any additional information on why the order is disputed; in this case you are fully paid;

    - if a client provides proof of paper's low quality, or you've missed the deadline, the client receives full refund for this order and you are not paid for it.

  • I cannot meet the deadline of the order. What should I do?

    Before bidding on the order, you should make sure that you'll be able to deliver the paper before deadline.

    If, for some reason, you couldn't cope with the task within the required time frames, you should ask a client to extend the deadline. If a client agrees to extend the deadline, you'll be fully paid.

    If the client doesn't want to extend the deadline, but afterwards accepts your paper, you'll be fined, based on the time expired.

    If a client cancels the order because of missed deadline, you won't receive payment for the order; moreover, you are to pay the 20% fine.

  • I decided not to proceed with the order after the payment was made. What should I do to cancel it?

    You should contact our support team as soon as possible, explaining the reasons. Also, we strongly advise to apologize to a client and explain the situation.

    Please, note, that a fine may be applied to you.

  • Can I ask the client to change the price?

    You may ask a client to change the price after new requirements were discovered. Please, note, that you should ask a client to increase/decrease the price by percents, not specific amount.

    Also, we highly discourage writers to bid the minimum amount in order to get client's attention, and then increasing the bid, after the order was assigned to them. Such behavior may result in your account discard.

  • How do I know I've been chosen for the order?

    You are considered chosen for the order after the client has successfully completed the payment. You'll receive a message in your account about the payment. Also, email will be sent to you.

    The order you've been chosen for will appear in the In Progress tab of your orders.

    Once the payment is received, the order has «Confirmation pending» status, and you are to confirm the order by clicking on the Confirm button on the order.

  • I'm not getting as much orders assigned to me as I would like. How can I increase my workload?

    It's a client who decides on the writer for an order.
    To increase your chances to be assigned on an order, we suggest following the next simple recommendations:

    Revise your approach. Imagine what kind of apply you would be interested in if you were a client. Make sure your application stands out. Think of an interesting and persuasive apply message.

    Show your skills and expertise. You can send a sample of your previous work on a different topic to make the client feel you are well qualified for the job (please remember not to send any answers before you’re approved for an order).

    Be concrete. Don't overcomplicate. Make your apply brief, but persuasive.

    Ask questions. If a client didn’t include enough informant on paper requirements in the order description, feel free to ask for more details. Assess the level of task complexity and the time you would need to complete it within the deadline to place your bid.
    Please keep in mind that according to Masterra Writers Terms of Service you’re not allowed to negotiate the price in USD equivalent. You can use percentage increase/deduction if you need to discuss the bid.

    Always be polite. Use high language when speaking to a client.

    Work for positive reviews. Do your best to provide the best result possible, so that your client would be willing to work with you on his/her next order, and leaves a good review for other clients to see.

  • Can you assign me for an order?

    No, it's up to the client to decide which writer he/she would like to work with. We may give only recommendations in case a client asks for advice.

  • What should a completed order look like?

    It depends solely on the order and its requirements. You should stick to citation type, number of pages, font size, spacing etc, mentioned by a client in the requirements.

    However, unless otherwise specified in the order, we expect the order to be in the following format:
    - Word document;
    - 12-point Times New Roman;
    - Double-spaced;
    - 300 words per page.

  • When do I have to submit the order?

    You have to submit an order anytime before deadline. If you submit completed paper after the deadline, you'll be fined.

  • Are there any penalties for not meeting the requirements or the deadline?

    In some cases you may be given deadline extension or asked to adjust the paper; in such situations, you'll be fully paid.

    If the work doesn't completely meet the requirements, it wasn't delivered within required time frames and client decides to cancel the order, or if we find that the paper is plagiarized, you will not be paid; and in case of recurring problems with orders delivering your account may be discarded.

  • How do I submit my completed work?

    When you are ready to provide the final version of your work, you should simply upload the file to the chat with a client, and click on the Solved check-box.

  • I've uploaded the paper in time, but forgot to check Solved. Will I be fined for that?

    Please, contact our support team as soon as possible after you noticed this. We'll examine the case. Usually, no fine will be applied.


  • How do I get paid?

    At the moment we provide payouts to PayPal accounts only.
    At the beginning of the month you'll be paid to your PayPal account for the approved orders.
    Please, note, that the minimum sum for payout is $30. If your balance is less than $30, the sum will be included in the next month's payment.

  • How much will I get paid?

    You will be paid according to the price you mentioned when bidding on the order.

  • How do I put in my payment details?

    You are asked to provide your PayPal ID when filling in the application form. Also, you can add your payment details in your settings.

  • Can I change my payment details?

    Yes. To do so, go to the Payments section in your account, click on «?» near PayPal ID, and enter your new PayPal ID in the provided field.
    Note, that due to security reasons, all the changes should first be verified by our stuff.

  • I've completed some orders, but didn't receive all the sum during the payout. What may be the problem?

    You receive payouts for the approved orders only. If you have solved orders, which haven't been approved by the client, or disputed orders, you won't be paid for them in current payout. is a unique service that provides guidance with different types of content. Please rest assured that the service is absolutely legal and doesn't violate any regulations. It can be used for generating new ideas and thoughts for your own project, additional insight into the subject, or encouragement for further researches.